CSAE/SCGR 2003 Awards
Presented at Montreal, Quebec, July 8, 2003

Fellows [Click on name for citation & photo]
Wayne E. Coates
Shahab Sokhansanj
Awards [Click on name for citation & photo]
Maple Leaf - Philippe Savoie
John Turnbull - Yves Choinière
Young Engineer - Michael O. Ngadi
John Clark - Ralph B. Brown
Glenn Downing - Sylvio Tessier

Undergraduate Awards

Design Competition
Nathan Kesler, Layne Macuria and Brent Russell, University of Manitoba. Cereal Crop Lodging Data Acquisition Device.

Paper Competition
Dolores Genaille, University of Manitoba. Recycling Flax Shive into Briquettes for Combustion, (1st)
Alison Weiss, University of Manitoba. Recycled Soda Can Solar Collector. The Comparison of Two Can Configuarations.(2nd)

Post graduate Awards

M.Sc. Thesis [Tie for 1st]
Natasha Page, University of Alberta. Foreign Matter in Municipal Solid Waste Compost. and
Scott Young,
University of Manitoba, Display Saliance in Agricultural Machinery Operation: Effect on Tracking Performance.

Ph. D. Thesis
Chithra Karunakaran, University of Manitoba. X-ray Inspection of Wheat Kernels to Detect Infestations by Stored-Grain Insects.

Graduate Paper Competition
Building Systems/Waste Management: Catherine Hui, Modelling temperature distributioin in poultry transport modules using porous media technique. CSAE 03-501 Univ. of Sask.
Bio-processing/Biological Systems: Lamin S. Kassama, Physical and rheological properties of mango puree. CSAE 03-326. McGill Univ.
Soil & Water Systems: Kevin McKague, ClimGen - A convenient weather generation tool for Canadian climate stations. CSAE 03-117. Univ. of Guelph.
Machinery Systems: Sudhagar Mani, Modelling of densification of biomass by discrete element method using PFC3D. CSAE 03-207. Univ. of Sask.
Information Systems: [Tied]
Tania Lanphere, Generating a case base for ecosystem engineering theory. CSAE 03-701. McGill Univ.
Annie St-Onge, An interactive and visual computer-based tool to explore dairy farming data. CSAE 03-703. McGill Univ.

2003 Awards